Research and Development

Research & Development

The research and development activities is carried out in Coimbatore at our Laboratory with 3 scientists working on various products and guided by Dr. G Krishna Mohan.

The Primary activities in R & D Centre is involved in development of new Bio Products, Conducting Trials and validation process.

The R&D team interacts with the marketing team on a regular basis and fulfil the following :

Updates and Latest trends with regards to Problems and challenges faced by farmers and offers solutions for the same.

Based on the market feedback of the developed products, modifies wherever required.

Gets Information and study the requirements of the Industry region-wise and crop wise and gives suitable solutions in the form of new products.

Foresees future challenges in the industry and develops products in the line with meeting out the challenges.


Agri Life

Agri Life is a Toll Manufacturer for our Organic Products & manufacturing facility at Hyderabad. The Chairman and Founder is Dr. Venkatesh Devanur who is a renowned Scientist, who has extreme knowledge in manufacturing Agro Bio Inputs from Plant Extracts with zero residual value of Chemicals. 


Romvijay Bio Products Pvt. Ltd.

Similar to that of Agri Life, Romvijay Bio Products Private Limited is also a Toll Manufacturer of Agro Bio Inputs from Micro Organisms with Zero Residual Values of Chemicals. They manufacture the Agro Bio for us as per our agreement, and supply the same for us. Their Chairman and Founder is Dr. C Vaithilingam, who is well known scientist & they operate from Pondicherry


Phytochem Agro Chemicals Pvt Ltd

We act as Marketing Arm for Phytochem Agro Chemicals Private Limited for entire South India. The Founder and Managing Director is Mr. Nayudamma, who has established this Organisation since 2 Decades, and they are one of the Well Established and Reputed Manufacturers of Agro Chemicals in South India.


Our main Goals


Environmental Health


Profitability through higher yields & better Quality


Social Equity


Economic Equity